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Hallandale Beach AC Expert Hallandale Beach, FL 954-361-0191Whether you want to buy an expensive car or the smartphone you’ve been eyeing for long, you’ll never put it ahead of investing in the right air conditioner. If you live in Hallandale Beach, FL area, then you can definitely relate to this, because ACs here are more of a necessity than a novelty. So, you’ll make sure you carry out an extensive research on finding the perfect AC, ask recommendations from your friends, make a comparison of the features, finally narrow down on the one you want and make an investment. Some even consult a technician and gather opinion on what would work for their property or wouldn’t. While we commend the thought and effort that people put into the process, it’s what most do after purchasing an AC that’s disappointing.

In a bid to save a few bucks, most people seem to ignore the right way to getting a new AC installation job done, and instead choose to employ the area’s local handyman or read up a manual to simply do-it-themselves. That’s where everything goes wrong! A poorly installed AC will not work upto its maximum efficiency, draining you of power resources and requiring a replacement well ahead of its lifetime. Reach out to Hallandale Beach AC Expert and you can be sure that we get your unit installed in the right manner, thus protecting your investment. We’re just one phone call away on 954-361-0191!


Centralized air conditioners:

As the name says it, the unit is centralized and circulates cool air across the space through supply ducts. When the air becomes warm, it circulates back into the ducts which carry it to the central AC unit. Considered the most preferable option for larger homes and offices, installing these systems requires meticulous planning as the unit needs to be sized correctly in order to make sure utility bills aren’t more than they should be.

Ductless, mini-split ACs:

These are a great choice for retrofitted houses or when there are room additions to be made, as it doesn’t require the installation of a distributed network of ducts across the house. The model involves two units; one outdoor unit, and one internal unit that is mounted on a wall! If you want to cool individual rooms and control the temperatures easily, then this system is for you.

Window ACs:

Most of us will remember air conditioners as the clunky box shaped window units that carried everything in it. Such units cool a room by emitting warm air out the back, and blowing cool air into the room, making them a viable choice for those who live in small spaces. Window ACs might not be ideal for a larger space, as you’ll find that it takes a longer time to cool and drains energy.

Portable air conditioners:

Considered a modified offshoot of window air conditioners, it works on almost the same principle and blows cool air in while the warm is sent out via an exhaust pipe. However, unlike window ACs which are mounted on the wall and fixed, portable can be easily shifted from one room to another, making them a pocket-friendly choice for those who’re always on the move or who live in a small space.


When you reach out to Hallandale Beach AC Expert, be assured that your new AC installation job will be handed to a technician who has studied these systems for years and knows the correct way to install them, so you get to derive the maximum out of your investment. Whether it involves planning, laying out of ductwork and installation of a centralized air conditioner in a high-rise or simply setting up a portable unit in a condo, we’re is well-versed with installing any type of air conditioner – and most importantly, we install it right.

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